Welcome to Mississauga City Baptist Church

Everybody’s welcome. Nobody’s perfect.
Anything is possible.

Planning a visit?

Here are a few questions you might have:


We are located at 3434 Cawthra Road, near the intersection of Cawthra Road and Bloor St. If you are coming by bus, the transit stop is about 300 meters south of the church at the corner of Cawthra and Bloor. The entrance to the building is on the west side. There is ample parking for those travelling by car.

Map to MCBC
When do you meet?

We gather every Sunday morning for worship services at 9am and 11am. The two services are identical, so feel free to come to whichever time is better suited to you. The service is 80-90 minutes long.

Small group meetings take place through the week in a variety of locations across the city. For more information, contact Pastor Sheldon at sheldon.dyck@mcbc.org.

What should I wear?

Please feel free to come to our services dressed however you feel comfortable. You’ll see everything from Levi’s to Lululemon, and from saris to suits.

What about my kids?

During our 11am service, we run a children’s program called “Promiseland” for kids in Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 5. You are welcome to bring your children into the service with you.  About 15-20 minutes into the service, kids will be dismissed to go downstairs for the Promiseland program.

What is expected of me?

Come as you are! Bring your questions, your doubts, your curiosity. We promise not to single you out or make you introduce yourself publicly. During the service we spend a few minutes greeting and welcoming each other. You are welcome to participate or abstain. As a visitor, please don’t feel obligated to contribute when the offering is collected. At the end of the service feel free to linger if you’d like, or dash for the door if you need to.

Is Mississauga City Baptist Church accessible?

Mississauga City Baptist Church is an accessible facility with accessible parking, a wheelchair accessible entry and accessible restroom facilities on the main floor.

It was hard to follow Jesus on my own and I thank God for bringing me to the doors of MCBC some years ago when I faced a crisis at home.  I found Jesus-centred teachings and worship here which comforted me and helped me in my journey.

Dr. Mini Joshipura

One of the first things we noticed and loved about MCBC was that it was a welcoming and diverse community who knew each other by name. There was an intentionality and authenticity that felt like home and drew us back. We appreciate that wherever you are in your faith journey, MCBC is a beautiful Christ-centred community in which to learn and grow together on the path to becoming more like Christ.

Peter and Carolyn
Our Story

Mississauga City Baptist Church is a thriving, diverse, multicultural community, with over 70 different nations represented in our growing family.

In this world of global economies and global citizenship, we are deeply committed to the idea of global discipleship—a church where the nations of the world have come together, each with their own unique flavour of gospel witness, to become the hands and feet of Christ's kingdom here in Mississauga.

At its heart, MCBC is a family:

  • a family of marvellous diversity.
  • a family drawn together by a shared experience of God and united by our faith in Christ.
  • a family that understands that the church really is a “people who” rather than a “place where.”
  • a family that is committed to vibrant worship, life-long discipleship, intentional community, and active service in our city.

We offer a safe, encouraging environment for people to explore issues of faith and life, to grow deeper in their understanding of who Jesus is, what He taught, and what it means to follow Him.

And we strive to be a compassionate presence in our community, believing that the real measure of a church’s effectiveness isn’t in its size, but in changed lives, enriched families, and whole communities transformed by the power of the gospel.

Our Mission & Vision
Our mission: To unleash the power of Jesus in people’s lives.

In Jesus’ name, we will be known for being a place:

  • Where everyone is discipled in a growing relationship with Jesus;
  • Where everyone is known and belongs;
  • Where everyone is challenged to unleash their God-given gifts for service;
  • Where everyone is participating in acts of transformation locally and globally.
Our History

In the fall of 1973, when the city of Mississauga was still a tiny reflection of what we know today, a group of enthusiastic believers began meeting in a much smaller building nicknamed the Inn of Happiness. The group was fuelled by a dream of what God might do in the rapidly growing city of Mississauga. With a commitment to mission and a vision to be a church for the whole city, the church was named Mississauga City Baptist Church.

The seeds that were planted in faith, nourished in prayer and tended through service have matured and in 2018 MCBC celebrated 45 years. God has been gracious and our congregation has grown to encompass people from more than 70 different nations meeting together to celebrate their shared faith in Jesus and bless the people of our city.