Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. (2 Corinthians 9:6-7)

Methods of Donating to MCBC

(There is more detailed information about each Method further down the page)

  1. Giving (online or mobile app)
    -credit/debit card or [bank debit (coming soon)] Give

  2. CanadaHelps (online)
    -credit card or Paypal (receipted by CanadaHelps)
    Donate Now Through!
  3. Guest Offering Envelopes
    -cash or cheque
  4. Numbered Personalized Offering Envelopes
    -cash or cheque
  5. MCBC's Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) Program
    -direct deposit or credit card
An appropriate CRA charitable donation income tax receipt will be issued at the financial year end by MCBC for all donations given by cheque, offering envelope, Giving or PAR. Giving

Download the Giving free app (Apple or Android) or click the "GIVE ONLINE" button to give.

Your donation is safe / secure and goes directly to the church or ministry.
Plus, you will be able to track all your donations, setup recurring donations, and more!
Note: There are service fees charged against all donations made through Giving.

Through the Giving app or online page, you will be asked to log-in to or setup a account for yourself. The account setup requires:
- an email address - a password - a PIN number - your name - your address & - your phone number.

  1. Log-in is based on your email address, your password and your PIN.
  2. If the MCBC information is not visible, find or search for "Mississauga City Baptist Church Inc."
  3. Choose the amount of your donation, the fund designation and your payment method.
  4. Submit your donation by clicking the GIVE button.
  5. You will receive an immediate email confirming that your donation has been made.
  6. In your bank or credit card statement, your donation will be listed as "MCBC Donation" Give

In the process of making your donation through Giving, you have a number of options that you can use:

  1. Cover Fees: -you can choose to cover the cost of the service fees to your donation. The receipted amount is the donation plus the service fees.
  2. Recurring donations: -you can set up donations which recur automatically on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.
  3. Multiple Designations: -you can set up a single donation which is split between multiple designations (eg. General and Benevolent). This is a "+ or "Add Gift" on the donation form.


You have the opportunity to give a one-time offering or on a monthly basis online via CanadaHelps.

Donate Now Through!

You can donate using credit card, debit/Interac, or PayPal by clicking on the DONATE NOW icon (below).  For these donations, we issue only an acknowledgement, but CanadaHelps issues an official CRA income tax receipt for the full amount of the donation and retains a fee from its disbursement to us.  Because of this disbursement fee, we encourage you to consider one of the other options if you are making regular donations.

Through the CanadaHelps portal, you can only give to:

  1. the General Fund,
  2. the Benevolent Fund or
  3. the Capital Fund.

All other donation designations are not recognized and will be assigned to the General Fund.

Please select the appropriate fund from the CanadaHelps menu.

Donate Now Through!

Guest Offering Envelopes

Guest offering envelopes for cash or cheque donations are available in the Main Entrance Hallway (on the slant wall rack near the Church office or a number of other locations around the Church).

There are 3 types of offering envelopes available:
1) a blue-edged envelope for General Fund donations;
2) a beige paper envelope for Benevolent Fund donations; and
3) a white paper envelope for Capital Fund donations.

General EnvelopeBenevolent EnvelopeCapital Envelope

On these envelopes, you are asked to print your name, address, telephone number and the donation amount so that the Church’s Envelope Secretary can identify you.
After completing the information on the offering envelope and placing your donation in the envelope, place the offering envelope on the offering plate at the appropriate time in the worship service.

Numbered Personalized Offering Envelopes

If you are a regular donor, we encourage you to request a box of numbered personalized offering envelopes from the Church’s Envelope Secretary. You will provide your name, address, telephone number and other information as part of your request for your numbered offering envelopes. These envelopes are pre-numbered with a number that belongs only to you and, for confidentiality, is known only to the Envelope Secretary.

You just have to write the amount in the appropriate location (but no name) on the envelope and place your donation in the envelope. Place the offering envelope on the offering plate at the appropriate time in the worship service.


Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) Program

You can alternatively enroll in MCBC's Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) program, where money is automatically withdrawn monthly from your bank account or credit card on the 20th of the month..

The MCBC PAR Application Forms are available on the Information Board near the church office.
Or download the MCBC PAR Application Form using the link below.
(MCBC PAR Application Form)

Place your completed form in the envelope, seal it, and place on the offering plate or hand it in to the church office.

MCBC PAR Application Form

PAR Application Form