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Greatest Sermon Ever 26: You'll Be Amazed
Richard Root
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Greatest Sermon Ever 26: You'll Be Amazed Aug 23, 2020
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Richard Root Matthew 7:28 Sunday Online
Matthew 5:1-7:29 Hits: 28


Sermon -Sunday Online -2020/08/23 11am -Richard Root
-"Greatest Sermon Ever 26: You'll Be Amazed" -Matthew 7:28; 5:1-7:29

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Sermon Notes:-

The Sermon on the Mount – 26. You’ll Be Amazed
Matthew 5-7

• For the last eight months, we’ve been studying the Sermon on the Mount. This morning we are going to look at the reaction of the crowds to Jesus’ message. And I hope, at the end of this long journey, our reaction parallels theirs… and goes even further.
“When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed.” (Matt. 7:28)
• The invitation at the end of this series is to decide you will be a Sermon on the Mount person. Some of you did that for the first time last week!

Crowds vs. Disciples
• The Bible says again and again that the crowds were amazed when they met and heard Jesus. I want you to be amazed! But, there’s a big difference between being part of a crowd and being an actual participant:
o A crowd watches; a participant engages.
o A crowd can be amazed for a moment; a participant is somebody who’s committed to a way of life.
• A disciple is somebody who used to be part of the crowd, but somewhere along the line Jesus got under their skin, and they have to be around him all the time. They aren’t satisfied to just hear what he says; they have to do what he asks until they can see what he sees and live like he lives.
• You might want to ask yourself some of questions:
o Am I just living as part of the crowd?
o What have I committed myself to? Anything?
o What kind of person am I seeking to become?
o How seriously do I try to assess my moral and spiritual character?
o What are going to be the bases for my decisions in life, how I’ll spend my time or my money or my relationships or my sexual behavior?
o What kind of people do I want to influence me?
o What do I fill my mind with?
• The crowds and the disciples have a fundamentally different experience of Jesus.
The crowds are amazed at what Jesus said to them;
the disciples are amazed at what Jesus did in them.
• The crowds are amazed when they look at Jesus’ life; the disciples are amazed when they look at their life, which is now changed, characterized primarily by Jesus’ presence and work and grace in it.

Final Words
• Jesus’ grand invitation is for you to leave the crowd and become a disciple and know the amazement that only a disciple of Jesus can know.
• We’re going to finish this series just the way we started it, by listening to the Sermon on the Mount. Read this sermon again and again and again regularly for the rest of your life.
… Revel in its goodness.
… Come to love the words.
… Come to love the one who spoke the words.

When he finished speaking, the crowds were amazed at what Jesus had said to them, but the disciples were amazed by what he did in them.

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