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Songs of Jesus 7 -Praying The Gospel
Richard Root
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Songs of Jesus 7 -Praying The Gospel Aug 18, 2019
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Richard Root Psalm 103:2-22 Sunday Morning
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Sermon -Sunday Morning -2019/08/18 9am -"Songs of Jesus 7 -Praying The Gospel" -Psalm 103:2-22

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Sermon Notes

Psalm 103:1-22

Psalm 103 is not exactly a rarity, but there aren't a lot of psalms like it. It is not identified as a prayer that arose from a particular situation or a specific event. Unlike many of the psalms, there's almost no reference to enemies or specific sins. It's a psalm about how to handle life in general. It gives you the key to handling all of life's circumstances, no matter what they are.

"Praise the LORD, 0 my soul, and forget not all his benefits ..."

1. Why we need to remember
2. Where we need to remember
3. What we need to remember
4. Why we need to remember

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