Serving a Meal at The Open Door

Would you or your group like to serve a meal at the Open Door?
The next opportunity is Saturday, October 1 for the noon-time meal.
Please speak to Pastor Sheldon if you are interested in this opportunity.

The Third Wave Seniors

The Third Wave Seniors are going to the St. Jacob's Market Place. There will be a Mennonite Community tour, free time in the village, and a visit to Picard's Peanuts. There are 7 spaces available. The cost is $35. If you are interested in joining the seniors, please contact Keith S at 905-896-9522 asap. You don't have to be a senior for this trip!


Kids Christmas Musical

The Children's Ministry is searching for volunteers to help organize this year's Christmas Musical Play! Please contact Estella N (please see Sunday's bulletin for contact information) as soon as possible for further details! What a wonderful opportunity it will be to join our children in celebrating the birth of Jesus!

Patterns of Evidence: Exodus - A Free Movie Event

You never know where a crisis of faith will lead you.

Saturday, Sept 24 at 7:00 pm

St. Mark's Lutheran Church
130 Mineola Rd. E., Mississauga
Today, more than ever before, the Bible is coming under attack by militant atheists and skeptics - Moses' books of Genesis and Exodus in particular. It can be intimidating when so-called "experts" tell us these are not history but mere mythology written to promote ancient tribal gods. The actual evidence, however, does indeed support the veracity of these Old Testament accounts (which form the foundation of our New Testament Christian faith). If you have been personally challenged about the Bible's reliability and didn't know how to respond, or if you have wrestled with doubts whether the Bible can be fully trusted, or if you have skeptical friends, neighbours or family members who are not open to the Gospel because they think the Bible is irrelevant, invite them out to see what one man's 12 year investigation has brought to light. Don't miss this opportunity - it will be time well spent!

The Family Room - Youth & Young Adults

JR. HIGHS (grades 6-8) - Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30 pm

Sept 20 - "Who Is Jesus: The Word in the Flesh"
Sept 27 - Neighbourhood Clean-Up
Oct 4 - Faith Works, Part 1
Oct 11 - Faith Works, Part 2

SR. HIGHS (grades 9-12) & YOUNG ADULTS - Thursdays, 7-9 pm

Sept 22 - "True U: Does God Exist? - Big Bang Cosmology, Part 2"
Sept 29 - Event
Oct 6 - Faith Works, Part 1
Oct 13 - No Meeting (due to the Fall Retreat)
Sign up for the youth/young adult e-update at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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