Core Values

Core Values at MCBC

Intentionally Multi-Cultural

We are committed to provide a welcoming place in the name of Jesus Christ for as many of the peoples and cultures in Mississauga and surrounding areas as we can.

Intentionally Multi-Generational

We are committed to provide suitable spiritual care and growth experiences for people of all ages by building the Christian family unit.

Uplifting Worship

We are committed to the centrality of Scripture as our source of preaching and teaching for public and private study. We are committed to a blended style of worship which values both the rich history of hymnology and the emerging styles of contemporary sounds and songs.

Effective Cell Groups

We are committed to the cell group model of personal fellowship and growth for every member of our congregation.

Empowering People for Service

We are committed to enlist and equip people to serve the Lord through the church and in the community according to their spiritual gifts and passions.

Creative Outreach

We are committed to reach our world for Jesus Christ with local, national, and global emphasis balancing spiritual care with appropriate social care.